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Today at 08:41:54 PM
 Mick and Badgers both will take all  the gold  so no point to go detecting  lol
Today at 07:20:05 PM
 Welcome back badger
Today at 06:26:52 PM
 Hello Mr Badger
dances with badgers
Today at 06:21:48 PM
dances with badgers
Today at 06:21:30 PM
 Cheets paul .hows things bud?
Today at 04:44:38 PM
 Good luck Badger.
dances with badgers
Today at 02:26:57 PM
 Im back gold hunting down saundersfoot or tenby tomorrow.feel free to jiin me

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Author Topic: Big chunk of lead  (Read 1482 times)
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« on: May 18, 2017, 05:44:55 PM »

Went out today before it started to chuck down but managed to find a few coppers,defaced,one with an iron centre which I don't know what it is,about 20 mm across.
found as well a bar of lead,very heavy with a bit of iron across on the top.
Wonder what it is ...

* RenderedContent-F329B6F2-1E28-4ADC-8EFF-8089FD32F63A.JPG (83.87 KB, 1136x852 - viewed 283 times.)

* RenderedContent-1FD3182C-3B0A-4047-8652-FAE593618F61.JPG (336.03 KB, 1136x852 - viewed 284 times.)

* RenderedContent-7447B7EA-38A9-4D33-92EC-ED8DB42484FA.JPG (185.39 KB, 1136x852 - viewed 814 times.)
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