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Title: Are being ripped off
Post by: Gazza on October 31, 2009, 08:08:15 AM
This morning i've been translateing some of the Spainish detecting forum sites,
And going by what i've been reading the price for a 2nd hand machines is cheaper i'am wondering if we are being ripped off as for pound to euro detectors are far cheaper in spain and france are UK companys taking advanage of those of us who love this hobby.
Exp new xp Deus 1426 inc p+p in the UK, euro between 1200-- 1300 euros
if you take todays exchage rate at 1euro 10 cent to the pound you would be paying 1.568 euros for the new xp but if you buy Spain or
France its  going to cheaper. so depending on the exchage rate the new xp you can get for approx 1134 pounds inc p+p a saving of 292
 so i think we are being ripped of by UK detector sales companys
                   what do you think?

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