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Title: Nice result
Post by: carling2 on November 26, 2019, 10:37:49 AM
Went out yesterday to reaffirm a pasture permission on the edge of a village( only been out once before but farmer was great) so then I see a long disused farm ( all the barns have been converted into holiday homes etc) so I asks 1 of these people if they know who owns the land and I explained why.. Yes he says and these fields have never been ploughed as far as he knows but the new owner as just ploughed them all OK so I sets off to see new owner.. Yes mate anytime no problem he says( about 250 acres) and he said it was just a dairy and sheep farm but now it's all arable and as far as he knows nobody been swinging on there.. So will see what occurs the weekend.

Title: Re: Nice result
Post by: probono on November 26, 2019, 01:11:05 PM
Cracking :) - that's what you want to hear :) - Although sheep farms only need one man and his dog....

There are some pasture fields on my permission that, should the farmer ever plough them I would take a week off and camp there!

Title: Re: Nice result
Post by: carling2 on November 27, 2019, 11:34:11 AM
Cheers probono.. I think the farm was far livelier in the past.large farmhouse and a range of barns all stone with slit windows and a big central courtyard. There is only 1 field that is usually arable arable and on the lidar there is evidence of a further 2 about 25 acres each being ploughed in the past.. I field according to pastscape has medieval ridge and furrow, lynchets, and tracks this particular field is bordered by a sunken lane where the bank is at least 7ft high and there are 2 fields next to a Norman Church, so looks good but only time and a bit of swinging  will tell.

Title: Re: Nice result
Post by: carling2 on January 09, 2020, 12:27:05 AM
But as usual I went there and found more on the surface of the moon. 😁 I  did however manage a cut quarter and a viccy 6p..the 2 of us over 5 hours so yep done to shit and full of promise🤔good job I got loads of permissions and rarely get more.. No wonder most newbies in the hobby don't stick it.. Indeed I keep saying it if your lucky enough to find a untected farm you've either died and gone to valhalla or your somewhere your not supposed to be😁😁.

Title: Re: Nice result
Post by: Val Beechey on January 10, 2020, 09:19:10 AM
Hey carling I know exactly what you mean. The 2 farms Iíve got permission to detect are the same. I know theyíve got ancient history. In fact Iíve proved it but, blimey, itís hard work.
As Roland said. Sheep and cattle only need one man and his dog and they didnít usually have a pocket full of cash or wear expensive jewellery.
20 years ago I might have been on my bike looking for somewhere else but these days I just canít be bothered.
Iím just happy enough to have a few hours out when the weathers right. If I find something interesting itís a bonus.
Keep smiling 🥴

Title: Re: Nice result
Post by: probono on January 10, 2020, 04:26:46 PM
My 'new' permission has plenty of history on it - ring mounds with anglosaxon burials, roman villa, deserted villa, old paths, mentions of finds of coins of Henry III in the 1770s. But I think - it has to be mostly sheep land - if you look on the 'finds of note' / etc, there is a distinct gap in the site - it has apparently not been detected in the 40 years the owner has had the land and I have found, well thee good finds, but on each occasion, they've been the only find apart from a bit of dross.

1 gold hammy, 1 silver shilling of Elizabeth 1, One denarius (the only roman coin where the villa was) - and one ultra worn william III shilling - and I did find a very fire damaged Chas II groat. That's in two years or so. The day I found the goldie, it was the only coin I found all day, apart from 1 George III halfpenny. I took my brother there for a day out and he found nothing. It is absolutely amazing how little stuff there is, just have to hope that the next find is a good one.

In the field with the ring barrows - staying well away from them (previously printed out map, GPS etc) my only find in the field - apart from some nails was a ship halfpenny. Even the paths are empty, almost no buttons even.

Some is still pasture, but a lot is cropped, so there is soil turn over. There is ridge and furrow, but just empty apart from the dumps of modern rubbish filling in old quarries.

But then - as I've said elsewhere  - my permission of 12 years, which had been (and is still detected) by others, turned up an axe this year. In a pasture field.....

Title: Re: Nice result
Post by: carling2 on January 10, 2020, 07:50:29 PM
Yep I think the people that make the regular finds are the guys bashing along on there tried and trusted permissions. I sure ain't moaning about my past finds nor the 1s I'm making now( 4 silvers so far this year) but I've stuck to where I've fond stuff before to be fair I've also found loads of gold coins. Dinaris and bronze age axe heads but they've all been on land I've done for years any new land I've had over the last 5 years as produced very little. A point in case I've 17 silvers since August 11 hammereds in there and 4 this year but all from the same old permission) and to be fair there's still 150 acres I haven't looked at cause  of the wet weather there  still in stubble so I've concentrated on 1 field.

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