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Title: siliquae hoard update
Post by: wet feet again on August 14, 2019, 08:35:12 AM
I received a copy of letter sent from British museum to coroner yesterday, asking for inquest to be carried out on my roman siliquae hack silver hoard found oct 2018. As this is my first time through this process should i get an invite to attend from the coroner ? and what actually happens at an inquest is it wise to attend as i notice they have the wrong find date listed.

thanks for any advise

Title: Re: siliquae hoard update
Post by: probono on August 14, 2019, 01:02:45 PM
You will get an invite from the coroner - they like to ask you all the same questions in the form - or at least the latest time I had a form - that you've already answered before!

I didn't turn up - but I did send the missus out - for some things like siliquae it is quite obvious they are treasure, so it won't take long. Treasure cases are usually done in batches, so you would also be able to see the other things that are up for treasure at the same time. That can be interesting in itself.

The thing I would do at the moment is start looking at auctions (not eBay) - and look for UK auction sites that have sold similar items as this is the way these things are valued  - ignore buyer's and seller's commission. For the coins at least you should then get a good idea of what you will be offered.

Title: Re: siliquae hoard update
Post by: dragonsbreath(Paul) on August 14, 2019, 06:59:00 PM
Of the three treasure items i have put through the system correctly i was not notified by coroners office before inquest just had a letter when all done!
  These were 3 different Coroner offices,Gwent,Wiltshire and Northants....

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