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Title: Strange lead, a william III love token, livery button etc.
Post by: BeachHunter101 on June 19, 2019, 03:04:05 PM

The strange lead item is very heavy and it has charcoal in the middle of it. I thought it might be a pot leg but I can't find any similar. The livery button backmark has something bros Martins lane London but I can't find a dragon similar to that one. The other button has a silver gilt front with the three feathers on the back I can't find any similar online. The William III love token ( a first for me) the last two numbers of the date have been rubbed off all I can read is 16. Could it be a sixpence or possibly a shilling? the strange triangle artefact is very heavy it reminds me of the tip of a sword ??? maybe it's junk. The pewter rat tail spoon bowl was found next to the livery button and pottery was also found in the same hole.  

Any information on anything will be much appreciated. thank you  ;D :)


Title: Re: Strange lead, a william III love token, livery button etc.
Post by: Val Beechey on June 20, 2019, 01:47:43 AM
My you have been busy  ;D

The coin looks too big for a shilling so maybe a Florin (2 shillings or 10 pence today ) love tokens don’t come with much detail as a rule. Nice.
1st button, livery, I think has a Wyvern (or maybe Griffin) on it. 2nd button I can only make ‘plated’ and the 3 feathers (Prince If Wales emblem) The lead thing, my 1st thought was a gun-powder measure but maybe not. It’s certainly very old and looks like lead to me.
The little round thingy could be half of a button. The other half having the sewing on attachment.
The rats tail spoon looks poss Tudor period but wouldn’t swear to it. I see some makers marks on the back so poss. not quite that old. I think the older ones had the makers mark in the bowl.
No idea what the other bits belonged to. Hope I manage to find so many bits next time out. Last two trips were a bit of a flop. Plenty of iron though  ::)

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