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Title: Great Expectations
Post by: roughneck on February 29, 2016, 04:46:47 PM
Me and Ron visited a new farm in NE Wiltshire yesterday with great expectations as the farm house is 14th century, with a manor house and church a few hundred yards away.  When we arrived at the farm in a picture postcard village we were welcomed by the farmer and his wife who immediately asked us in for a coffee and a chat.  We even had a tour of what is an amazing house.  The farm now only has 25acres of wild flower meadow remaining which is given over to conservation, which is great.
We were excited at the thought of what we could unearth on such an ancient site and after enjoying our coffee and tour of the house we set up our machines and headed for the fields.  Unfortunately our optimism was a bit down trodden when all we could find was the usual buttons, lead, tin, odd grotty coppers and lots of bullet cases. Our confidence began to wain after a few hours, and by six hrs of searching we had enough, so packed away the gear and headed for the hills.  All the way home we spoke of our disappointment at not finding anything historical, but, hey-ho, there's a motto to this story, it just goes to show that even on such an ancient site it does not mean that there's anything special buried on the land.  Happy Digging!!!  Tom.

Title: Re: Great Expectations
Post by: dingdong on February 29, 2016, 08:16:40 PM
Yea,"Roughneck "I know what you mean,its happened to me and probably happened to most of us......BUT,how many times have we heard,that rare and breathtaking coins and artifacts have been found on multi-detected pastures,go back,go low and slow!! and prove me wrong, its there waiting to be found.
Good hunting !!👍👍

Title: Re: Great Expectations
Post by: wagis on March 01, 2016, 10:23:57 AM
Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet, seriously though I would definitely go back.

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