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Title: newbie question
Post by: David.JJ on December 09, 2015, 06:11:11 PM
hi, name is David and just bought a detector from maplins called minelab go60 because i heard they are good detectors. i am now an expert using it because i switched it on and found 2 rysty nails and a huge rusty bolt and some copper wire in my garden.
so knowing i am now a self professed expert that knows nothing about detecting except for the fact have watched youtube videos i was wondering if anyone on here uses one and if they can tell me if it is as good as they say because it looks more like a toy but very impresive and light.
also where does detecting wales have their meetings becasue i would like to meet proper detectors that can help me learn the proper way to detect?

Title: Re: newbie question
Post by: Da Monkey on December 09, 2015, 06:23:03 PM
Hi David, welcome to DW.

DW is a forum rather than a club, so members on here only meet at rallies and you have just missed the one for December as it was last weekend. There will more next year though, keep an eye on the forum.

You would do well to seek out your local club and see if you can go along to one if their meetings.

The go60 is made by a good manufacturer, so although it's light it should perform well, I can't comment as I've not used one, I'm sure Someone on here will know though.

You need to ask permission from a land owner or go down the beach with a permit, unfortunately you can't just detect anywhere, you need permission, even for foot paths as they go over private land.

Good luck with your new hobby


Title: Re: newbie question
Post by: David.JJ on December 09, 2015, 06:48:57 PM
thanks for the welcome and as for getting permissions that is without doubt essential for anyone going anywhere on farmland or shore and I am very familiar with doing that because I have been shooting for blahhhhh blahhh years and even longer than that. I need to learn a few tips before asking the farmers if I can detect there as well as shooting. Nothing worse than not being able to answer simple questions and probably the quickest way to get a no.
so close to xmas means I will wait until the new year to look for a club anywhere around the Cardiff, Bridgend or Port Talbot areas.
thanks again for your reply.

Title: Re: newbie question
Post by: dingdong on December 09, 2015, 08:52:05 PM
Bit late but welcome to Detecting Wales,and i hope you find everything you go searching for,on if you get to detect on the land that you shoot on,you will have some great signals from all the used cartridge cases !!!!.LOL👍

Title: Re: newbie question
Post by: David.JJ on December 10, 2015, 02:25:05 PM
thank you. if i left empty cartidges on a field i would soon get kicked off becase the sheep and cows could swallow them and anyway i reload my own so i take my empties home with me. mine is auto ejector so they all end up being ejected behind me or in the hedges i hide in so even if i cant find them in the hedge they cause no problem to anyone.
habits stay habits and if i find something dangerous on a field i automaticaly throw it into a hedge if it is not small enough to fit in my bag and i would hope detectors do the same.

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