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Title: Hi from Corwen
Post by: brisad on July 28, 2013, 11:37:50 PM
Hi to everyone

I am Brian and live in Corwen. used to detect years and years ago then had a family!

Due to poor health of the better 9/10ths I am now at a loose end and have bought a cheapy detector that probably nobody has heard of, a Klarstein from ebay the instructions are very informative.......... if you are German speaking lol going to try the farm at the back tomorrow to get a feel for it.

I hope I can get back into the hobby again and make new friends


Title: Re: Hi from Corwen
Post by: Discrim-Me on July 29, 2013, 12:20:31 AM
Hi there, welcome, to be honest that detector you have purchased will not give you good service, I understand its cheap and not everyone can afford hundreds of pounds for a good machine, but it won't help you to get back into detecting by using inferior equipment, my best advice would be to get a refund if poss and spend a little bit more and get something that will actually detect and not fall apart after 1 session.
Here's a link to a machine that works and is cheap..  Good luck. (

Title: Re: Hi from Corwen
Post by: brisad on July 29, 2013, 01:38:39 AM
Hi there

Thanks for the reply, had a quick look at the scanmaster stuff it SEEMS to be ok but I am stuck with what I have and will have to stick with what I have for now as any "spare" cash is going into the motorhome conversion and "future proofing" our bungalow just in case I
pop my clogs

I wonder if anyone has actually used a Klarstein detector? my son gets fair results with the cheapest detector from Maplin (about 35) my old detector was the cheapest around at the time I last detected and I got good finds with it and mostly better results than my detecting partner who got a pricey detector which didn't pick up the finds I got.

I also bought a Viking ! series 5 as a used detector from ebay and I am looking into maybe a replacement coil????

A free C scope arrived with it as a surprise! but the coil cover is in two parts so I will be looking at a diy/coil change as well. just testing the waters at the moment.

I don't want to use the discrimination setting so my first run will be on the "all metal" setting as I really dont mind ring pulls  etc, its the thrill of a find I like along with the outdoors

Title: Re: Hi from Corwen
Post by: dances with badgers on July 29, 2013, 02:58:16 PM
welcome aboard bud.keep at it .most people start with a cheap machine and as they get the bug they upgrade later on.good luck.mike

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