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Title: New Metal Detecting Novel JUST OUT!!!
Post by: Julian on October 25, 2012, 01:25:33 PM
Hi all, after being a passionate detectorist for over three decades, I have decided to have a go at writing a metal detecting based novel, amazingly its just been published. Its crammed full of exciting time line based finds and is set in a small rural village. The plot hurls you into the First World War and all its casualties. Someone suspects there is something vitally important somewhere here and it is even drawn to the attention  of Adolf Hitler.... then the reader plunges into The Battle of Britain and all its aerial ferocity. Meanwhile for the last 2000 years something has been buried close to the village. Clues as to where and what it is were etched onto three Roman floor tiles, but will they ever be found? or will it be discovered by accident? A band of Night Hawkers are also in on the scene following up the small clues. Huge double sized gold Celtic Staters have been found but what do they mean? Details as below for those curious. Please do have a look at the Youtube link (below) my detecting pal Dave Stuckey workled very hard on this

Well it is finally here and yes I am really excited and not a little chuffed one might add.
After thirty five years of metal detecting and research I`ve actually managed with the help of a great many people to write and have my first ever novel published. Its an account of true adventure concerning a small Oxfordshire village, full of gritty local characters, fate, legend, myth and of course a healthy dollop of truth. Its a tale mostly about luck and fate but also one of determination that leads to a monumental outcome. This outcome establishes once and for all the factors behind an important historical event of prime importance to British culture and heritage. The account starts in the 17th Century takes the village through World War One with tragic effects and then catapults the rural scene into the 1940`s ferocious overhead aerial combats that formed The Battle of Britain. It then looks at the archaeological excavation of a shot down German bomber in the year 2018 and then delves backwards two thousand years to explain the incredible findings. If you like mysteries, with fascinating timeline connections back and forth through history, things lost and then found with an outcome that will make your jaw drop, then I believe this book may well be for you. The fascinating thing here is that any one reader or group of readers could well become entangled in the plot of this book and go on to actually become an important part of the story being told here. The aim of this work is to give hope of success, even when times are tough both luck and fate are always unavoidable factors in any happening. So I hope everyone will enjoy reading this just as much as I have enjoyed writing it........In addition I dont deny that this book is also dedicated to the thousands of people who each day spend their lives to trudging around the fields and uncovering clues to our past. Without whom this country`s subsequent rich and enhanced knowledge of our heritage would be a very bare boned entity indeed. These people know full well who they are and those who know me well enough will surely know exactly to whom I am referring.
For two thousand years something had been deeply buried in a large Oxfordshire field? Some might argue that it should never have been searched for or indeed disturbed if it was eventually located. Whilst others say that to discover it would reveal a massive contribution to the knowledge of our country`s heritage. Myth, legend or reality what is the truth behind the powerful influence of the burial? What was its purpose and why are people even willing to die for it? After nearly twenty centuries of rumour it has somehow survived right up into the modern period. Research shows that over the ages it had caused not only death, destruction, greed, fascination and fanaticism, but also kindness, remembrance, friendship and appreciation along with many other aspects of Human nature. Why in 1938 was the possibility of its very existence even drawn to the attention of Adolf Hitler? What dark shadow might have fallen over pre war Britain if the Nazis had found it for themselves? Right up to the present day this influence is not waning. People have searched for centuries and now if it was discovered it could also be lost forever. It was a lone metal detectorist who really cracked the final clues, but even he had no idea just what he had become involved with and most certainly could never have dreamed of its final outcome. Or who knows perhaps he did!! Like many similar discoveries it could all result in a classic struggle between good and evil, if it does then just who will win the day and even then will the effects be able to be controlled by anyone involved? Just what is the outcome? Are there cleverly hidden and disguised clues based on fact within this book? If there are, then could you the reader have a chance to be involved yourself in this climactic discovery that will simply re-write history as we know it and could affect thousands if not millions of lives? Perhaps it will indeed be just one fortunate reader who along with the elements of pure luck and fate will finally contribute and determine the true and factual ending of this remarkable account. If this doesn’t make you want to rush out and buy a metal detector and become one of those who unearth the vital long lost secrets of our ancient history then nothing will. So the best of luck to you all.
Of course its quite difficult to project a recommended reading age range but it can be noted there is no hard core swearing or sexual content contained within this book.
Also at this stage one has to be conscious of this first novels performance but I can say that there are two further future titles in preparation hopefully forming a trilogy.
Although each book is going to be related and connected to the others they are mainly seperate storylines and can be read accordingly either singly or in any order chosen.
Finally my thanks go to everyone who has helped bring this work to fruition.
ISBN Number 978-1-1897738-44-3
Price £9.99.
Initially available from
Greenlight Publishing
The Publishing House
119 Newland Street
Telephone 01376 521900
The book may also be ordered from all established retail book outlets (but you will need to take the above information with you) and also Internet based outlets such as Amazon

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