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Title: Test of cheapy microscope on Georgian Fob Seal
Post by: Da Monkey on March 03, 2012, 06:16:02 PM
Just trying out a cheapy microscope from ebay today and must say I'm quite impressed. It'll only be good for the much smaller items as its got no zoom and a limited focal range, but for 12.99 delivered its pretty good and I'm sure it will be useful.

Here's a piccy of a georgian fob seal I found some time ago now, it's seal face is only about 10mm x 7mm so I think its come up pretty well. It was difficult to get the seal in any great detail with most of my big digital cameras, so I think the scope has done a half decent job. Max Res is 1280 x 1024

The guy in the tunic looks roman to me, so maybe this is a re-used intaglio, any comments ?  The white strands are fluff from the ring box it's kept in.

- Andy

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