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Title: Not metal detecting related but interesting
Post by: Charles Cater on November 08, 2008, 07:09:04 PM
The Mold Cape is not an isolated example of artistic brilliance from the Bronze Age in NE Wales. There are a number of important finds from that period: the Caergwrle Bowl (a shale, tin and gold bowl, the design of which forms a boat), the Westminster Torc (a twisted gold neck ornament), the Rossett Hoard (a socketed axe containing cut pieces of a gold bracelet and two pieces of a knife), the Burton Hoard (a hoard containing a unique collection of bronze palstave axes and gold jewellery of great craftsmanship) and the Acton Hoard (a collection of bronze axes that point to a strong bronze working tradition in this area).

Together these important finds help to build up a picture of what was happening in NE Wales in prehistoric times. Hopefully, future finds from the Bronze Age will come to light and the finders will ensure they are available for the public to see and academics to study. Only then will we learn more about life in Bronze Age Wales and deepen our knowledge of the Mold Cape.

I regarded the Rossett site as mine but I took the other club I was with there for a days dig and afterwards it was haunted by several detectorists who I shall not name.

Title: Re: Not metal detecting related but interesting
Post by: Al.Thepastfinder, ( Alan ) on November 08, 2008, 08:41:06 PM
ohhh don't it often happen Charles,  iv'e taken pals to my sites in the past only for them to go back and take over as their own  , and take others there too,.dohh

your right on the Bronze age history seeking  too,

 All tjhe best

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